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Wine cabinet for garage?



a friend used to store in a garage (before investing in a storage cabinet…its not a fridge!! :wink: ). we viewed it as short-term storage rather than long term “cellaring”…that was done at a merchants (temp controlled) warehouse

In a garage, the fluctuations are more extreme than you think over the course of the day - whilst concrete is a heat sink there is an awfully large amount of air in the garage that changes temp much quicker - so besides long term 20 deg fluctuations (over the course of the year) you also have shorter term 5 to 10 deg fluctuations (over the course of a day) … this will age the wine far quicker

To help combat this, we made a small “insulated” cupboard to help - basically enclosed the wine rack with a celotex / plasterboard box - reduced the fluctuations down significantly.


Luckily we don’t seem to be experiencing that. The max/min thermometer reports no more than 3-4 degrees variation over the course of 24 hours. Also, I suspect (though I cannot prove!) that the fluctuation of the temperature of the wine itself is not nearly as much as the air in the room - by the time any ambient change has started to slowly affect the temperature of a volume of liquid encased in glass, the sun’s gone down again.

I think it helps that it’s an integrated garage, moderated by the house along two walls and the outside world along the other two, not to mention the fact that it gets almost no direct sunlight, except for a bit of morning sun on the very white garage door.

In the long term, we’re thinking of eventually converting it into a music room or something similar, in which case I’ll probably need to look into another storage option.


the wine will certainly see a lower fluctuation than the room

I too, would think that because its integrated and with little direct sunlight it will help. Friends garage was remote from the house

Music room…to play or listen…or both ?


I’m still waiting for some kind of unexpected mystery inheritance so we can get a cellar installed!

Mostly to play. Soundproof the walls and ceiling, set up the drumkit, keep the guitars in there etc - things never get used when they’re packed away!


Or worse, never found! Nine years on, and we’re still looking for my other half’s bass guitar, and in the meantime had to buy the girl a new one.
I wonder if he actually sold it and sort of ‘forgot’ to tell me… :thinking:


I think you have highlighted the problems that can occur with garages, my garage does get the sun for a large part of the morning and can heat up to very high temps quite quickly and it has a flat roof meaning the cubic air capacity is lower than a cantilever roof and it stays hot, no way would I store wine in it as temps this year went to 40c at some time, But, my converted large inspection pit in the same garage with its insulated roof varies very little in comparison and is as good, nearly as cellars I have had, a sort of cheapo spiral cellar.
Garages can be OK, site and situation make an enormous difference, if contemplating using one a bit of research and common sense comes into it.


Agreed. Big variations.

Ours is a brick built double garage with tiled roof and it stays pretty cool in summer. No windows, so it’s dark and vibration free.

In Scotland much of the year wine in my garage will stay in a range not far off 10-14 degrees. If anything, it will be on the cooler side! Although 90% of my wine at home is in my Climadiff cabinet, I am fairly relaxed about keeping everyday wine and indeed any excess capacity of better wine in cases in the garage for a bit until the stock turn over in the cabinet. Which usually isn’t long…


I’ve recently bought the Polar CE218; 155 bottle dual zone. Good price and does the the job.



A music room is best kept at constant temperature too for the instruments. What would be nicer than a music room and wine rack storage in the same place?
The only downside may be vibration coming up through the floor as Brian Johnson once sang…


Ach, I can only remember the punchline:

“…and then he tuned his 12-string guitar and everybody died of old age.”

Ah but he also told us that Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution :metal:


So true… it ain’t gunna die either