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Wine gadgets


I just saw this…

First buy a house and build a fireplace though.


When I saw port tongs being used in the Douro they heated the tongs on a gas ring.

But I’ve got a induction hob…


BBQ it is then…:rofl:


My eto has just been delivered today… totally unexpected. At least it exists, now let’s see if it works. :slight_smile:


looking forward to the review


Hooray, finally!! I also can’t wait to here how it works!


Can you do an Insta Live ??? That would be awesome :wink:!


Not in a million years… but I will try and do a topic here about the process with pictures


Hi Akos, hope my 2 will not be far behind. I was quite late on board. But did use my Christmas Coravin for the first time last week :blush:


I have seen IT ALL now!! It never ceases to amaze me how downright STUPID some people truly are…! If you’d like to waste your money, head on over to kickstarter to help fund this start up madness :see_no_evil::joy::joy:


its going to take all the fun out of motorsport podium celebrations


Does it work with kids’ ‘champagne’?


Might make it better, spray each other in the eyes :sweat_smile:!

Wouldn’t that be a fun 5 year old party idea …. give them all a bubbly blaster :sweat_smile:


No… just no!


This feels like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist somehow.


My thoughts exactly. When I’m drinking at a picnic or whatever I’m just not that fussy about precise temperature and what I drink out of (within reason) and what if, as seems likely, you want more than one bottle; starting to get very expensive for an occasional use (unlike a decanter, say).


I saw this last week and literally laughed. I guess theres money to be made in the wine gadget market :smile:.


You bet!

Usually they’re sold to people who want to buy gifts for a wine loving relative/friend but don’t feel confident enough to buy them wine.

I’ve got a drawer full of such stuff. I’m fair, I give it a go first. :slight_smile:


Anyone with experience, can you please share regarding this item:


I have read good things… mostly interested in if in your opinion it makes a difference rather than igf it is VFM.


I don’t have experience with that one, @szaki1974, but in contrast to the other nonsensical bits of kit above, it’s fairly well founded on oxygenating the wine. I’ve come across a couple of other designs that do the same thing and they seem to do the business.

Of course, you need to be using it with a wine that benefits from getting some air in it to start with! That’s often young reds, anything with a bit of reduction on it, and sometimes whites that need a bit of evolution (e.g. white rhones). Anything where a “splashy decant” might help.