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Wine gadgets


I think I was given one of this design (although can’t recall the brand, but will check) for Christmas, but must admit that I have yet to take it out of the box


Sorry; I haven’t got one myself although I have seen this ridiculous device being used

If I think a wine would benefit from aeration then I open the bottle while preparing dinner and pour it into glasses on the table.

Buying it will definitely aerate your wallet :laughing:


I have one - well, one of the other branded, identical aerators on Amazon.

It certainly passes air through the wine when pouring. What difference it makes, I can’t say for sure as I have never objectively tested. I also don’t think I will be able to taste that well to notice a difference!


I use one of these with the Coravin. It seems to work well and shortens the amount of time I need to let the wine sit in a glass for. I use it with a 250ml Erlenmeyer Conical Flask so I can measure how much I am pouring off.


Speaking of Erlenmeyer flasks - I keep a ship’s type decanter for this sort of thing. You can vigorously slosh the contents around without spilling them in order to aerate your wine.

But these gadgets offer the ability to aerate by the glass. That’s not much use to me, but if you serve wine by the glass - which is where I have seen them used - it could be useful. There isn’t always sufficient time to let wines equilibrate by the glass.

Just by way of an example, we had a 2015 German riesling tonight. It’s one of those ones bottled with a lot of CO2 in it. I’ve tried letting it stand before but the spritz remains. But a vigorous decant shifts it, and I imagine this thing ought to for glass servings.



I looked at the Amazon example, as I have always been a fan of decanting/aeration.
6 hours for many wines is not unusual for me.
And improbably, I have seen a wine go from virtually undrinkable on opening, to OK at hour 5 to fabulous at hour 6!!
So to speed the process up, I looked around and found this one on eBay.

I got it including postage for £5.40 brand new, having made an offer. That’s what living in Scotland does to a Taffy, but currently £7.99 including postage for a broadly comparable device seems OK to me.
The one wine that I did use it on recently was the:
Guigal CdR red 2016
The bouquet release as I was pouring it into the decanter was a wonder to behold, and I felt that it drank better…quicker. Mind you, that might just be psychological!! LOL!
At that price, it is a no brainer and it is made from a hunk of hard plastic so will not disintegrate, a week Tuesday. Best of luck.


I was given one of these as a gift from my wife. I also routinely decant red and have taken to using the aerator. I find that it makes a difference more often than not. I would recommend it it given the price.


At £5.40 it was a bargain, but at £7.99 delivered still great value.
I just place it into the neck of my Ravenshead decanters, the bouquet released is impressive.


Basically a champagne tap but 200 years newer lol