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Wine match for sea bass with sizzled ginger + chilli


@JamesF @Kent_wino - can’t wait to hear what you think/which wines work for you! I’d recommend making sure you have plenty of sides/extra rice though - the portions in this recipe are far from hearty!


I’m a bit late to this party, but I liked the sound of that recipe so tried it tonight, when I was cooking just for me - so two fillets cos I’m greedy, and with some leeks gratin. The wine was a beauty, and complemented the fish so well - so of course it is no longer available:

Anyway, it made for a very enjoyable supper, so thank you Laura for the link! I’ll certainly be doing it again - I just hope I can find another Albarino to go with it…


Ooh, leek gratin sounds like a gorgeous side dish! :heart_eyes: I’ll try that!

Wouldn’t have thought of albarino but very glad it worked - and I recommend the Exhibition one if you’re looking for a replacement:

So glad you enjoyed it! :smiley: I love BBC Good Food.


Well that’s now in my basket, building towards a Christmas order - thank you. Mind you, it’s about a 50% increase on what I paid for the Altos de Torona last year! Serves me right for liking newly-trendy wines, I suppose…


You could try this too


And while I’m thinking about it, maybe this is worth trying if you enjoy Albariño.

I haven’t tried this one myself, but have found other Godellos very enjoyable. My favourite was this one

But sadly it doesn’t seem to appear any more. (At TWS anyway).


That godello is GORGEOUS! One of my recommendations for the Fine Wine Trade Secrets offer earlier this year. :heart_eyes: