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Levi Dalton’s podcast is great for in depth interviews with winemakers and other wine industry professionals. The best bits tend to be the personal stories and family anecdotes of some of the winemakers. Plus, plenty of the producers stocked in TWS are featured. I would personally recomend the episodes on Jean Louis Chave, Maria Jose Lopez de Heredia and Frank Cornelissen:

Barolo vs Barbaresco - a Nebbiolo thread

Sorry to resurrect this but just listened to the Chave episode. Wow - makes me wish I’d bought the Exhibition Hermitage now. Incredibly detailed and interesting. Have downloaded the Brunier one for this evening.

I have also tried Wine for Normal People - other end of the scale - skates over the surface but they are starting to do some more detailed episodes and the Brexit one is pretty interesting.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! Another great episode is the one about Lopez de Heredia. And my favourite is provably the one about Frank Cornelissen!


Thanks for the reminder @Jcbl … it is a gem. I just listened to the Produttori di Barbaresco one and also chanced upon and started the Anne Parent one (whose wines I really really like). Great podcast @Juan … Probably Gonon next


Another new one that I recently came across:


I was about to mention this…so good job checked first - this sis recent one with only a few episodes out…but seems ok so far


Nearly finished Levi Dalton’s back catalogue (yes, I have a long commute!) and looking for more.

Stumbled across the Interpreting Wine podcast and just finished the recent sherry series - found it really interesting and there are loads more.

From the release schedule the host is an absolute machine! No ads, but definitely some commercial tie-ins. Required a bit of sifting, but I’ve now got hours of (what appears to be) fascinating listening lined up.


Must be the mother of all commutes…


Ah, well, I should have said nearly finished the ones of interest to me. I’ve skipped many of the early ones with distributors / restaurateurs from the US.

Think there are about 20 left I really want to listen to, but that’s nearly panic territory, given how many I’ve gone through! It’s great to hear how his style has developed and the quality of guest he interviews is phenomenal.


I really enjoy his podcasts ! They literally save my life in the gym :rofl::joy:!


Not a wine one, but I’d highly recommend matt forde’s political party. He has top top politicians and political figures on for indepth interviews with the emphasis on moderation and civility. You get an amazing world of what goes in groundbreaking moments in our history plus some stand up. He’s had everyone from george osborne to tommy robinson to tony blair to george galloway, amazing academics and it is such a gem I’d be gutted if i didn’t mention it to such good people!


Thanks for the tip - I’ll give that a go!

On the other end of the spectrum, I can happily recommend ‘Out to Lunch’ with Jay Rayner. Really engaging interviews over delicious food and wine with some very interesting people. A very easy thing to have in your ears for an hour :+1:


Just on the Levi Dalton backcatologue, I can’t claim to have listened to as many as @Brocklehurstj but I have listened to the Jasper Morris burgundy one and 'the Aligote thread one a number of times. Both brilliant.


The jasper one is essentially listening for all burgundy lovers IMO


Really loved the Levi Dalton Hirsch interview. He’s got a great life story; a kind of beatnik entrepreneur, and he tells it well.
The other one that sticks with me is Mimi Casteel. She’s a great talker of real conviction. Well worth a listen for people interested in natural wine.


Loved that one :point_up: :+1::+1: