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Wine storage solutions


just found it (ullage) given SG is less than water the co-ef of expansion between 20 and 40 deg C is 0.08% = 6ml on a 750 ml bottle

that could (depending upon fill level and cork length) be 50% of the ullage and therefore the effect on the pressure, when combined with the associated expansion of the air at those temps…

its good to geek out ! far more interesting than the last time I was involved with this…to work out fill levels in fuel drums and to categorise drum requirements for warm climates to stop drums ‘blowing’ :laughing:


My last job involved gas and oil calculations too - writing software for pipeline simulation. I didn’t get involved with the “difficult sums”, but it was always handy to aware of the basic physics


wow. we only had pipelines on the refinery - we were ship, road and rail fed - but still had lots of calcs on expansion etc.

I always let my ‘Chartered’ colleagues sign-off :slight_smile: I just added a bit of common sense at times…especially commercially !


Yes, around 50% for a bottle with little ullage, which will give pressure changes a lot larger than I calculated. The good news is that with time, when the cork gets more prone to slippage, the ullage will increase, and the pressure changes with temperature will get less.

I’m going to edit some above comments sensitively - to avoid misleading, whilst still trying to keeping the discussion relevant. And I’ll have to do something about my blog post too. Where the “embarrassed” emoji? Good job I was never chartered either :wink:


I’ve had a significant amount of wine stored in various cupboards in my house (Oxford) for well over 15 years (peaking at about 23 degrees, but most years 20-21). I have never had a heat-damaged bottle, and only the odd one that has seemed a little more mature than I expected.

I do have a wine fridge, but of course only a small proportion fits in.

Have absolutely zero concerns about keeping wine at UK room temperature.

As regards dramatic variations, I don’t know much about this, but I did have some wine travelling from Portugal in the recent temperature spike in western Europe. It spent 3 days in Madrid on the way (max 39, 39 and 41 in those days). All wine in perfect condition (10 out of 10 bottles sampled).

Conclusion: don’t stress. Wine is pretty resistant stuff :smiley:


Interesting piece from Jancis in this weekends FT regarding the potential perils of professional storage - nothing for most to worry about I’m sure but potentially some food for thought for those considering the various storage options outside of Stevenage:



I live on a fairly steep hill and have a double length garage under the house (not used for cars). The front of the garage is at ground level. I keep my wine at the back, which is below ground level.
I’ve just checked the temperatures today. Around 31.5 - 32 outside, 20.8 in the middle of my wine shelves. I don’t have any very expensive wine, but do have some decent wine. I’ve drunk bottles up to about 25 years old from the garage and they have been fine. So I’m also not too worried about elaborate storage solutions. Wine storage wasn’t top of mind my mind when I bought it, but it’s worked well. Expensive for a wine store I suppose but the inclusion of the free house sealed the deal!