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Wine with.... Curry! (Help required)


I said nothing about poultry or about that great South East Asian country. You must have been meaning to reply to someone else.


Orange wine ? TWS have a few 'natural ’ wines and (in my opinion in anyway) it’s in their very nature to vary from bottle to bottle - so the experience will be interesting - I presume thats the whole point of the exercise?


Just take that bottle you got as a present, catching dust ever since. Have it chilled mixed with generous amounts of soda water. :wink:


Oh I see.

It was your approval of JamesE tikka suggestion that I seem to have replied to. Sorry, although it does seem to imply you are of the same mind.

Chicken Tikka Massala is about as Indian as I am! (Corrected as per JamesF comment)


I suppose I don’t feel it’s my business to tell people what’s ‘authentic’ food and what’s not. But don’t let me stop you!


Namaste :pray:

Chicken Tikka is most certainly Indian…however, Chicken Tikka Massala has questionable heritage :wink:

two mis-reads in one thread…#specsavers


I find the volume and gas of beer to be a challenge for having it with a curry. Now before it…

I second those who suggest Alsace Gewurz or PG, particularly with milder more aromatic curries, and Gewurz is great with Tandoori.

Hotter or more tomato based dishes are a challenge.


I would have this from TWS.

Helles Lager, Mahrs Brau, Germany (4.9%, 330ml)

Ice cold Lager.

Or from my earlier travel days:
Roses Lime Cordial, splash of Angostura, poured over Ice, twist of lime, topped up with soda water…


Some years ago I used to live near Trishna; we tried all manner of suggested wine pairings there, but I never really felt any of them worked.

Curry does, however, go very well with champagne, IMO. Rosé champagne often works very well… that’s my suggestion - or an English sparkling, say Wiston NV, Gusbourne blanc de blancs, Raimes bdb, Grange rosé, etc…


Riesling off dry (Kabinett or Spat) is perfect combo though reds can work well. Bigger reds (syrah/Shiraz) go well and lighter fresher reds can also work like a SA Cinsault or good punchy Beaujolais.
Riesling always number one on my list as an option. Thai and spicy Chinese food also good with Riesling.
I guess a Demi sec champagne would be a belting combo also but I’ve never tried that.


Portuguese red for me.
Alentejo region.

I’ve no idea why it appeals but it does to me :slight_smile:
My food choice is a medium, say lamb sagwala or rogan josh.


Slight return :wink:

If beer then strong and sweet.
Best I’ve had but difficult to find is Traquair House Jacobite.
Broughton IPA.
Also sweeter stout or porter.


I often pair curry with a Gewurtztraminer, that can contend with the spice quite well. For lighter curries an Austrian Grüner Veltliner can be quite palatable.


A popular choice…


I am with peterm on this: always Pinotage. Perfect match with Indian. Failing that, an Aussie Shiraz or blend.