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You know you're obsessed with wine when


… when you start reading everyone’s notes about favourite wines and start composing a new order before the last one has even arrived AND you start kicking yourself for having missed the chance to make that order ‘better’



You could be describing me!


oops! I just noticed that I may be guilty of ‘hepeating@leah’s comment (my apologies)


I have never been so mortified as the time I missed on the 2016 Tempier Rose. I had just put an order and I wanted to wait a bit before placing another one. I think it run out in less than a week…


You know you’re obsessed with wine when…you snatch the wine list out of the hands of your dinner host before they’ve even finished the sentence ‘I don’t know anything about wine…’

There is a limit to good manners - and that limit is the prospect of an evening suffering the choices of an apathetic drinker.


When a work mate suggests I might like wine as a " Secret Santa" and I say no thanks and that I’d prefer something else as I have too much (I don’t but don’t want a bottle of Kumala or Blossom Hill!)


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When you know your TWS share number by heart…


I thought I’d revive this thread somewhat with a snapshot of a conversation in my kitchen this morning !
4 year old daughter " Mummy, do you know where Baby Jesus sleeps?" Me : " where darling ?
“A Vineyard!!. He sleeps in a Vineyard Mummy”!
Oops :speak_no_evil:


When your child’s toy boxes have these labels attached


This is brilliant!! I’m assuming its empty :joy::joy::joy:


…you remember the wine you had in that place you visited in 2007 but nothing else about the holiday.


They look good. I bought some as presents, then I bought more for myself!!


… I like that… and when your mother checks what wine you’ll be bringing before she decides what she’s going to do for dinner (especially at christmas, of course).


“Bringing the burgundy up to room temperature…”


… Good one and that works as a test too, because if that excuse fails, (if anyone knows the truth, that you can never have “too much wine”), then there’s a good chance that they can be trusted to buy you something half decent.


…when you are given a restaurant’s wine list and you can tell from the wines who the restaurants wholesaler is…


…when you see a bottle in a neighbour’s recycling bin, realise they’re buying from L*******tes and resolve to give them your copy of TWS’s list


… you say “this (salad / other packaged vegetable) is corked”
[because there’s something about the process of chlorinated washing as a preservative]

… and instead of your family looking at you in surprise / incredulity / amazement / disgust, they just raise their eyes (again) and get back to real lives not driven by constant olfactory analysis


Genius or dumb ??? Is was either this or a dilemma with the santa toys :grimacing::grimacing:…! I’m hoping they’re in one piece when I get to Ireland :ireland: