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You know you're obsessed with wine when


Yep, looks like you’re definitely all obsessed and I have just received my Christmas delivery from TWS, complete with some very interesting finer wine that I really had intended to be giving away as presents…


I reckon you could fit some more in there if you take out some of the zipper bags :wink:


I did :joy::joy:!! And more in the boot :grimacing:


But best leave the jcloths (just in case). :joy:


When you buy a house and move to it because it has a cellar. (After wanting one for many years.)

When you then spend a few thousand more removing the central heating boiler from said cellar and installing a new one upstairs.

When you then fill that cellar, mostly with wine that was being stored for you - and realise there still isn’t room for all the wine you have in store.

When visitors who kindly bring you a bottle from the local offie get a tour of your cellar, in the hope that they’ll take the hint that you don’t really need more wine, and if you do not THAT wine. (Not that you’d actually say that out loud of course.)


I forget the name of the place; I forget the name of the girl; but the wine was Chambertin” – Hillaire Belloc


Proving once again that everything worth saying has already been said, better.


when you check the Mourvedre content of all wines in the Rhone en primeur offer


Jesus ! That’s dedication :joy:! My Hungarian case arrives Monday !! Looking forward to it and thanks for the recommendations :+1:


I hope you will like it, TWS have done a very good job assembling the case (even without asking me). I also ordered the mixed case and a case of the Hangacs, so in a way I did put my money where my mouth is. I think the Kadarka will be a wine lovers’ wine…


I took delivery of my bottle of that very wine today on your recommendation @szaki1974


When your social media of choice is this community rather than Facebook.


… when you get over-excited when you are reading fiction and the author includes a well-researched and accurate reference to wine in the story (even when it is not part of the main plot)


@robert_mcintosh what was it you were reading?


in the most recent case it was ‘Going Gently’ by David Nobbs (wine features quite a lot - he must have enjoyed his wines), but it is something I notice in books, films and TV as well. I’m sure there was another occasion recently (though I can’t remember what it was exactly).

A friend of mine is a well-known author and she contacted me when writing a novel to get the right vintage of a Champagne for her plot as the wine was important - now that is PROPER writing! :slight_smile:


When you’ve tasted so many wines at Enotrias showcase , all you want is Volvic on the train home … :woman_facepalming:t3:


the traditional refresher is a beer :wink:


??? I fear I’m also weak :joy::joy::joy:


When you part see this on a yorkshire pub table card and immediately think it’s a reputable italian wine…i’m a terrible person


@Nowt_in_my_glass – good one!!