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You know you're obsessed with wine when


… when you’re current fiction is “Salt & Old Vines”, your non-fiction is “The World Atlas of Wine”, your magazine is “Decanter”, your cook book is “The Wine and Dine Dictionary”, your birthday present a visit to a local vineyard and you ascribe grape characteristic to your friends. I am certainly becoming a bit of a bore! :thinking:


… you contemplate travelling to a city more than 50 miles away just to experience the wines at the next TWS tasting event… and the logistics planning involves three or more modes of transport…


sounds a bit painful @VinoVeritas - where do you live? You could speak nicely to @Tim_S and the Tastings team about whether they are planning something more local in future :slight_smile:


No, it’s OK - I am owning up to being obsessed, hence the visits to Sheffield and Birmingham! Both involved some careful studying of the bus and train network to ensure a return journey. Nottingham is my most local and I attend regularly - always enjoyable wherever they are - please pass on my thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


… when you listen to lyrics and miss-hear the darndest (wine related) things

I was listening to this and I was sure she says:

“Slips your phylloxera past your fortress” (at 01:24)

But it turns out it was:

Silk once rushed this thrust has rusted dry
Slip your flux right past your fortress
We all are born to die
We all are born to die


I think your version is much more poetic!! :rofl::rofl:


not sure it is more poetic … but phylloxera vastatrix could be a good band name (for some heavy metal outfit)


That’s the clincher, share number, BBR account number! Same same!


When the first spreadsheet you open at work on Monday morning is your wine list to update the weekends activity…


(read a good one)

… when you find £50 and you’d rather spend it on ONE bottle of £50 wine than 10 bottles of £5 wine


When you were an early adopter of Microsoft Access, (back at version 0.9), then your first use was to built a database for your wine. Still in use some 30 years later, BTW.


I don’t infact need to say anything here do I ? :woman_facepalming:t3:


We must have the same phone!


I don’t even need to open the browser anymore…


You know you’re obsessed with wine when…

You’ve been sat outside the showroom for 25 minutes and they’ve only just opened :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha… I hope they have coffee for you.


waves out the window :smiley:


I have a meeting in Stevenage next Wednesday morning so also likely to visit the showroom before heading back to London… given it will be around the corner, it would be rude not to…


there actually is (or was) coffee in the showroom I believe


Have now used this as an excuse in the house…thanks !

(yet to have them work out the heating won’t affect the cellar that much…sssshh!)