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You know you're obsessed with wine when


… when you look at people’s recycling boxes on the way to the train station, to see what they’ve been drinking, and whether any inspiration can be found there… :thinking:



This is one I see often, no inspiration yet though…


Before I knew a close friend and fellow wine geek, I used to see some very good bottles in the village bottle bank. Now I know who put them there. Wine can bring people together. (although it was mainly our daughters being besties).


I do try a surreptitious glance in recycling boxes on bin day, in the hope that I might make a Wine Buddy in the neighbourhood.

[knock knock]

Er, hello…?

Hi, er, I, um, was just on my way somewhere and, uh, I couldn’t help but notice the … … emptybottleof96LangoaBarton … in your recycling, and just wondered if you might want to BE MY FRIEND PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE.


the bin men once commented “good party” at my recycling box…hadn’t the heart to tell him it was just a couple of weeks “internal” consumption whilst revising for WSET exams


I had this exchange with my 7-year-old recently. During his bedtime reading he came across a word he was finding tricky – patience.

“Give it a try, spell it out”


“Nearly, try again – Daddy has lots of this….”



When predictive text assumes you’re about to write ‘Beaucastel’ whenever you try and type ‘beautiful’.


Surely it’s the same thing …? Right ?? :rofl:


This morning at 11am the carpark was full. Mind you the big puddel had gonetoo.


You know you’re obsessed with wine (or maybe just need to get out more) when you’ve been on this community site every day for a year :pensive:


At last… someone else, too


When you investigate cost of replacing the shower with a bath because you can drink far more unadulterated wine in a bath…


When you set off for France knowing exactly how many bottles of wine the boot of your car will hold on the return journey


This is the real reason I go to France in a mobile home…


Reading back through this thread is very reassuring.


It’s like an AA group meeting in reverse! :+1:


And guesstimating how many you can make the kids keep on their knees :rofl::rofl:


Not many on their knees - that’s where the suitcases will be :wink:


their suitcases will be with them on the train when you have over purchased…that direct line from Bordeaux to Paris is very handy !

ps - 112 is the answer


Or on further trips afield knowing down to the millilitre how much wine, sparkling wine & spirits you can legally bring back…that’s not to say also perfecting your poker face for walking through the nothing to declare aisle…:grin:

It does help to return to the same place every year too. As packing becomes based on bottle protection rather than what clothing return!