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Your heaviest bottle?


He didn’t tell us that it was actually a really tall, thin jereboam.


… I applied a little pressure on the bottle while measuring, is that okay? …

If anyone is in Wimbledon they are welcome to pop in to check the bottle and also to have a glass or two of wine (different wine).


This topic reminded me of a very ‘brand aware’ tour of Veuve Clicquot a few years back. They said La Grande Dame was so special it had to be kept in an extra thick bottle as breakage would be a catastrophe etc etc

Anyway, dug this out to find a full weight of 1940 g. Minus 750g of champagne the bottle must weigh around 1.2 kg. So not a winner but pretty hefty nonetheless


El Porvenir, Cafayate, Argentina, 1.21k.


Had this absolute whopper last night weighing in at 1.968kg!!

The wine itself was everything turned up to 11… supposed to be a blend of 5 regional tuscan grapes. It was pleasant but alcoholic and very extracted. Desperately wanted more sangiovese-ness and felt the other 4 grapes just made it into a.n.other super tuscan-tasting wine. Elegant and finesse, it was not!

And it was about 30 quid a bottle. I’d have taken this any day over it, it’s an absolute beauty.


Wow… was that the weight of the empty bottle?


We had it round at a friend’s house so didn’t weigh it but taking 750ml = 750g then about 1.218kg

I’m not a weak man, but I wouldn’t envy the somellier who had to lift the case of that!